The Best Time of the Year for International Travel: Autumn

A golden rule of travelling is to travel during the shoulder season. Autumn is a shoulder season in most places around the world. But it isn’t just a great time for international travel because it is cheaper and less busy, it is also when the worlds gets seriously beautiful.

Autumn is a season of colour and nature and a truly spectacular time of year to travel if you want a little fresh air, meanderings through nature, and holidays of good old indulgence.

Some of the best places to travel to in autumn are:


Rent a cottage in an old French town surrounded orange, red, and gold vineyards, or spend a weekend in an apartment in Paris. Spend afternoons going to harvest festivals, drinking wine, and eating real French food. France is a romantic country, but especially so in autumn. Wander down stylish boulevards or lazy country sides. Duck into cafes for a café au lait and warm croissant, and spend evenings lost in music, art, and cocktails in dim bars beneath the glow of Paris.


Head further north and you’re in for a good dose of Scandinavian culture and nights spent chasing the sky. The capital city, Oslo, buzzes with art and music during autumn, and the wide open spaces of the wilderness offers promises of mountain cabins, picking berries and mushrooms, and waking up to golden misty mornings in one of the most beautiful parts of the world. But one of the best things about autumn in Norway is searching the skies for the dancing Northern Lights.


India is a lot cooler in autumn and when the landscapes are at their prime for overnight trekking through the Himalayas or desert camping in Jaisalmer. Get lost in ethereal forests and snowy mountains on a quest to find Dzongri Peak in Sikkim for a true adventure. Head to cities ablaze with music and colour and experience the kind of feeling you can only feel in autumn in India, when some of the major celebrations turn the streets into an extravaganza of fireworks and lights.


Stay in a cabin on a river where grizzly bears catch salmon and nothing but pine forests and wild British Columbia stretches out before you. The French parts of Canada, like Montreal in Quebec, are where North America meets Paris. Independent theatres, galleries, and restaurants are everywhere, begging to be explored and enjoyed. Vancouver and Toronto, two of the main cities in Canada, are cool places to enjoy good food, good wine, and a vacation in a safe, buzzing, beautiful place.


This is one country that never fails to charm those who have travelled through and experienced its charm. Rent a car and spend a week exploring the country at your own pace. Check into villas you find along the way, spend warm days on beaches, and cool nights wandering through old city streets searching for the best seafood in Portugal and secret bar that is said to have the best port in town. Lisbon will show you how to enjoy the culture and warmth of Portugal in autumn.

Travelling in autumn can be disappointing if you want perfect weather. But if you don’t mind the unpredictability of whether it’s going to be a warm day or chilly day, autumn is the best time of year to travel and save a little money.

Every country has its own climate, so check the weather conditions in autumn in that country. Many countries in Asia experience monsoons and parts of central America are prone to hurricanes at certain parts of the year. Always check the weather before planning a holiday.

What are the autumn months around the world:

  • Europe, Asia, and North America: usually from September to November
  • South America and Oceania: usually from March to May
  • Central America and the Caribbean: temperatures don’t vary much throughout the year, but the rainy season is usually from May to November

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