Holiday Package or Self-Made Holiday?

What kind of Traveller are you?

When planning a vacation there are two main options: holiday packages or self-made holidays.

Although holiday packages have a reputation for being the cheaper option and often are, they can also put limitations on your holiday in terms of travel dates and accommodation options.

Self-made holidays give you all the freedom in the world and can be the cheaper option if you don’t mind hostels, good street food, and living on the cheap (Of course there is a also a more luxurious version of self-made holidays available).

What are Holiday Packages?

Holiday packages usually include round-trip airfare, accommodation, transport between the airport and your accommodation, and certain meals and drinks. If you are staying at a beach destination, packages often include some land and water sports.

There are usually two options when it comes to meals and drinks: half board and all-inclusive. Half board holiday packages include breakfast and either lunch or dinner, while all-inclusive holiday packages include all meals and drinks such as local beer, wine, and soft drinks.

These are some of the easiest trips to go on because flights and accommodation are taken care of. You don’t have to spend too much time searching for the cheapest flights and hotel deals. Holiday packages are usually only available for seven, 10, or 14 day periods.

What is a Self-Made Holiday?

Self-made holidays (or DIY holidays) are holidays where you are in control of every aspect of your holidays such as finding and booking your own flights, accommodation, and activities.

A self-made holiday requires more planning and research but gives you more options when it comes to the duration of your trip and where you can stay. Because each segment of the holiday is booked independently, you can mix and match where you stay and explore more of the country.

Which is Cheaper? 

Holiday packages can be cheaper if you are going on a family vacation, travelling to one of the popular destinations, and happy to take advantage of the hotel or resorts’ facilities and activities.

If you don’t mind staying at hostels and basic places, want to travel to places off the beaten path, sleep in boutique hotels and want to try out different restaurants as part of the experience, a self-made holiday is cheaper.

But it also depends where you go and what you do while you are there. If you are travelling to popular cities like Paris, New York City, or Hong Kong, eating out and doing things can be extremely expensive, but lesser travelled places like Hanoi, Goa, and Quito are considerably cheaper overall.

Which is Better for You?

There are two kinds of travellers: those who enjoy staying the beaten path and those who don’t. Travellers who want to relax in one beautiful place with all the luxuries they need nearby are better suited for holiday packages, and those who don’t are better suited for self-made holidays.

Package holidays are generally more convenient for families or couples who want to go to popular holiday destinations and not worry about finding flights and accommodation and organizing transport. They are stress-free and don’t require a lot of research and planning.

Self-made holidays are better for solo travellers, couples or friends travelling together who enjoy a bit of flexibility and unpredictability. Planning your own holiday gives you the freedom to explore more of the country, travel when you want to, and plan things as you go.

Which one is better for you depends on what kind of traveller you are and how you want to spend your holiday.

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