Travel post COVID-19

Our CEO speaks about travel post COVID-19

Our situation

As a start-up in travel, just ten months old when the Corona Virus crisis hit the world and travel bans around the world have been implemented, we have been hit hard. Our focus at the moment is towards post covid crisis. There is a raw desire to connect, it’s a common theme in human behaviour. We believe that the desire to travel will return, and people will start looking for different kinds of experiences. We want to be there when consumers dream about their next holiday or experience. We want to be a part of their new dreams. Thus we are busy adjusting our offering on our platform.


We anticipate that post Covid19 crises we will see local travel increase first, albeit it is estimated to be at 30% of pre-lockdown capacity after end of lockdown with a gradual increase, maybe even a W shape recovery. Travel bans to international destinations will be lifted carefully and visas might be even harder for South Africans to come by.

We anticipate an increase in South African holidays to remote destinations. Prices will be lower due to lower demand but disposable income for many South Africans will also be lower due to job losses and the weakened economy.

We have been seeing a trend in our customers’ behaviour towards accommodation packaged with experiences. This means that many  properties will need to re-invent themselves and offer more than just accommodation. Our focus going forward will be on properties that entertain responsible travel and include experiences. Again, experiences need to be selected carefully and always with healthy and hygiene measures in mind, e.g.only a minimum of participants.

What we do

We are currently busy redesigning our Travelcheck platform to support responsible and safe local travel and experiences. Additionally, we are looking to ingrate bookable viral experiences.

We plan to be ready in time when at least domestic travel bans have been lifted and accommodation establishments are allowed to operate again.

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2 thoughts on “Travel post COVID-19

  • Noticed that the single one-way airline ticket is over R1100 per person to travel between any of the 4 destinations which is 100% more than what the prices were before the current claustrophobic “Clampdown” (lockdown), should the government not also take all the parties involved in this 100% price-spike like they have done to small individual companies when they increased their mask prices to cater for the loss in income they currently have due to the clampdown OR is the reason here that the additional profit above the normal price is purely to save the SAA from bankruptcy? I remember 2-3 years ago that I regularly flew return between Lanseria/ OR Tambo to CT Int for around R600 for business puposes, but then I must say it was private airlines such as Kulula and One-Time and others such as Mango, BUT NEVER SAA.
    Would appreciate your comments on this.

    • We appreciate your comment and feedback. We are hoping that prices will come back to pre-lockdown levels once demand and supply are back to pre-lock level, too.

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