So who is the new kid on the block? “

Travelcheck is a proudly South African Online Travel Agency established in May 2019, So yes, it is still early days for us, and although we are still as fresh as a daisy in the industry, we have a wonderfully experienced team and a company built on a solid foundation of integrity.

Travelcheck plans to bring our clients friendly, honest service and new innovative technology.. But what does this all mean, you may ask. Well, in simple terms; Travecheck has brought in super awesome international technology to make the travel planning and booking process super easy, for YOU, our future and oh so valued client **wink wink**

Here at Travelcheck, we provide you with the convenience of comparing and booking flights and hotels that are perfectly suited to your exact travel needs. Thanks to a smart search engine, you now have a travel gateway right at your fingertips and can search, customize and build your very own holiday package. We’re not kidding when we say; “your next vacay is as close as a click of a button!” There are multiple accommodation and flight options to choose from to suite varying budgets; you will be spoilt for choice.

Travelcheck allows you to tailor your accommodation and flights to suit your individual needs perfectly. The price range of the trip, the type of flight, the flight duration, the location of the flight layover, the flight departure and arrival time, luggage allowance, meal preference, all those good things and so much more can all be arranged, in one single place, our website.. Sounds great right? Right!

Once your trip has been selected, you can simply complete the reservation process, by proceeding with payment, which is simple, straightforward, and safe. We accept Credit Card, Debit Card, EFT ..and even chocolates and wine **Joking, joking!! no treats and wine for us!!! We were just checking that you were still paying attention ** and You ARE.. we like you <3

Travelcheck aims to bring South Africans a seamless, yet exciting experience by dynamically packaging their travel needs in an affordable and convenient way

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