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COVID-19 related travel info

With the outbreak of the corona virus pandemic earlier this year, many of our customers had to put their travel plans on hold. Some chose to postpone or cancel their trips before travel bans came into place and some were forced to do so due to airline schedule changes and countries introducing travel bans and closing of borders.

Many of our customers are questioning the way refunds are handled and which policies apply. We have put together some info to give some guidance. Please keep in mind, that every case is handled differently and that every airline has a different policy, every ticket a different cancellation rule and policies change constantly depending on the status of the travel ban, predictions and easing of travel restrictions.

Please keep in mind that there are different regulations depending if you cancelled your trip because you don’t feel safe traveling in the future even when travel bans are lifted OR if the airline cancelled the flight due to travel restrictions.

Consumer initiatedAirline initiated
This depends on the cancellation rule of your ticket. You will need to check if it was refundable at all or not. If you purchased a refundable ticket, refunds can take up to 90 days. With the backlogs that airlines are experiencing this can take even longer.
Most airlines offer a voucher instead. Which is quicker to issue.
You are entitled to a refund or a reasonable alternative. A travel voucher of the same value as the ticket price can be such an alternative to a cash refund. A date change is another reasonable alternative. The airline cannot charge a price difference when offering a date change for a flight they cancelled.

As we don’t know yet when travel will be allowed again, airlines are hesitant in publishing new flight schedules too far in advance. No-one knows when borders are open again. If you are still keen to travel to your destination, even if it is only next year, we urge you to take the voucher option.

Here are also some interesting media articles that might shed some more light on the issue:

Each airline has different rulings applicable as a result of the Corona Virus. Please email us via or check the respective airline’s website for more information.

We will look at the details of your ticket and we will then give you the best advise to our knowledge on how to proceed.

Please also check out our COVID-19 Travel Info page where you can find all related forms to initiate your refund voucher, date change etc.