Top Things to do in San Francisco

Hire a bicycle

San Fran is a bicycle friendly city – well, if you don’t count the hills into consideration and if you stay in the flatter parts of the city.. I guess it is more of a tourist attraction than a local thing. There are a lot of bicycle hire shops spread all over the city. Most of them are located along the Waterfront anywhere between Fisherman’s Wharf and Pier 39. The most famous thing to do with a bike is probably to ride over Golden Gate Bridge.  The city caters for it and the infrastructure from the Waterfront to the Golden Gate Bridge is bicycle friendly with dedicated bike paths etc. And don’t be afraid to get lost, just follow the paths (or the crowd for that matter) and it will take you straight to the bridge). The ride over the bridge itself is noisy (with all the cars hammering past you), windy (and mostly foggy) and be aware of having to dodge all the pedestrians. But it is so worth it! Once on the other side in Marin County you basically just roll down hill straight into the beautiful sea-side town of Sausolito. It’s the perfect spot to have lunch and enjoy a bit of sun. If you are too lazy to ride all the way back (like I was), you can take the ferry back to San Francisco harbor – they also take your bike!

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9 Experiences that should be on every Traveller’s Bucket List

Throughout your life, there will be moments you will remember forever. Many of these moments may happen while travelling. Experiences you have, people you meet, or things you learn. These experiences could change you a little, or change you a lot. They might even change your life completely. That is why we travel. These are some of the experiences that consistently awe and inspire travellers.

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What to pack for your beach vacay, a travel girl’s guide

An article by: Caryn Parker, Travel Expert at Travelcheck South Africa

This post is particularly for the ladies, but gents fear not, feel free to have a read too.

Yes girls.. the thought of jetting off to Mauritius, Zanzibar, Thailand, Bali and the likes will definitely have us shrieking with excitement, and yes I know almost immediately we will have thoughts of all the fantastic things we are going to do: excursions, beach missions, dinner dates, checking out the nightlife and the list goes on and I get it, it is very important to look great for those photo opportunities, especially for the oh so important Instagram shots! True? True!

..and I’m pretty certain we have all been there, packing more than our good ol’ faithful suitcase can hold. The funny thing is, most of the time we don’t even end up wearing most of what we’ve packed! True? True! So here’s a little guide I’ve put together on the essentials you should be taking along with you on your magical trip:

  • Sunscreen, your new best friend.
  • A beach coverup or sarong, it’s easy for you to get up and go, perfect for lazing around. Sunnies, if you can, try not to take the most expensive pair you have, eye-wear tends to get damaged or lost on your vacation.. or maybe that’s just me?! LOL
  • Two swimsuits, MAX Three, you will always have a dry set when you’re ready to catch some rays and get that quintessential holiday tan, while looking fab!
  • Shoes: One pair of trainers, one pair of flops, perhaps a pair of sandals and one pair of sexy wedges. Put those five pairs of heels away girl! If you think you are going to be wearing all of those, you’re lying to yourself haha..
  • A sunhat, don’t take the pricey, beautiful wide-rim one, it’s so going to get damaged in your bag while traveling, instead take a cheapie you won’t mind ruining a tad or better yet, take a peak-cap.
  • I’d say you’re good with five T-shirts/shirts/tanks and two pairs of shorts, try to take items that you could mix and match, take along that maxi dress, a sexy dress for when you hit the town, and perhaps a jumper for when you may get a little chilly..

that’s it girls.. you’re good to go! ‘Cause ain’t nobody got time to be paying for extra baggage at the airport!

Our Top Travel Questions

An article by Caryn Parker, Travel Expert at Travelcheck, South Africa

Where are the safest countries to travel to?

Definitely Denmark, namely Copenhagen. This place stands out as one of the safest countries to travel to, however I’m sure there are loads more super safe options to travel to. According to Google, the country that takes the title of safest place to visit is, wait for it… Iceland. However, from a personal point of view, if I had to combine certain qualities like vibrancy, culture and of course safety, Denmark grabs the gold. I remember strolling late one evening, all by myself, in Copenhagen to a beautiful corner café at around 10:00pm to grab a coffee and pastry that I’d been craving all day…imagine being able to do that that in South Africa. People in Denmark are generally very friendly and helpful, and as a South African woman it felt amazing to be able to enjoy my surroundings rather than worry about them. Then there’s good ol’ Canada, another favourite and safe destination. Read more