Weird and Wonderful Food around the World

Travel is wishing for one more bite of whatever that just was.

Whether it is a fancy frog legs and fine wine dinner at a Michelin star restaurant in Paris, a good old backyard crawfish boil in New Orleans, or something you have never encountered before, a holiday driven by a love for food is a holiday you will never forget. These are 5 of the most interesting food cultures around the world and some of their most delicious and unusual dishes:

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9 Experiences that should be on every Traveller’s Bucket List

Throughout your life, there will be moments you will remember forever. Many of these moments may happen while travelling. Experiences you have, people you meet, or things you learn. These experiences could change you a little, or change you a lot. They might even change your life completely. That is why we travel. These are some of the experiences that consistently awe and inspire travellers.

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