8 Famous Beaches You Should Visit if You Love Films

Words by Aislinn Corbet

There is something about beaches.

They are synonymous with paradise. They have been the site of countless declarations of loves and of weddings. They are places to find peace – or thrills in the barrel of a wave. They have even made it into Hollywood.

These are 8 gorgeous beaches from films you can, and should, visit…

Jaws – Joseph Sylvia State Beach in Massachusetts, United States

If there is one film that thrust the beach into the spotlight, it was Jaws.

Maybe not for all the right reasons though.

The film takes place on Amity Island, a fictional town in New York, but it was filmed throughout Martha’s Vineyard, an island south of Cape Cod in Massachusetts, United States.

One of the most famous scenes from the film, where the unsuspecting folk of Amity scramble to shore when a kid is attacked, was filmed on Joseph Sylvia State Beach, a 3 kilometre stretch of sandy beach on the north east side of the island. Between Oak Bluffs and Edgartown.

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