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We aim to give you the latest travel news updates in a brief and compact overview. We know that planning a trip or deciding to take a booked trip in Corona times can be confusing. Additionally to the info on this page, please always make sure you read the latest official governmental websites, especially when it comes to travel warnings and high risk country lists.

KULUA up in the air again

Well-known and trusted domestic carrier is back up in the air again.

Seychelles to welcome South African travellers

Air Seychelles has announced weekly (Saturday) flights to Johannesburg fromNovember 2020, as well as three times a week from December. 

Seychelles has so far, recorded an exceptionally low number of COVID-19 cases, and there has been no community transmission nor deaths associated with the Virus. 

With travellers and locals’ wellbeing in mind, Seychelles has put in place protocols to ensure safe travel for its visitors: 

✅ All travellers to Seychelles must apply for their Health Travel Authorisation 

✅ Health Travel Authorisation will be issued electronically by email to applicants. 

✅ Travellers must present the Authorisation in printed or electronic form at check-in and on arrival. 

✅ negative PCR test at arrival 

✅ itinerary

✅ accommodation booking confirmation 

✅ travel and health insurance cover for Covid-19 related quarantine and medical care. 

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